Susie Burston was born in 1913 and has lived in System Street, Adamsdown, all her life.

I grew up in Adamsdown and I have lived in the same house for 93 years on System Street. There were 75 families all living in System Street and I knew them all by name. They are all gone now. At the end of System Street on Cycle Street there was a cattle abattoir and a cattle market. All the farmers from Rumney bought the cattle twice a week through System Street and one day I am gone down to the dairy on Eclipse Street to get the milk. In those days you could leave your front door open. Mama used to say 'leave the door open lets have a bit of fresh air.' So when I got the milk there were people out the front shouting Sue don't go in the house there is a cow in there. Well there was a cow in there so I had to run down to the abattoir and get the drovers and they had to come up the road go through the house. They couldn't go in the front room because the cow was in there so they had to go in the garden break the window and push him out. This was a common thing you see. They bought these cattle every week. Not very long after they bought the pigs and this pig went in the house opposite me, number 5 and there were two steps up to the front door. The drover went in to get him out and put a stick through his tail and pulled him out. That was a common thing in those areas- looking back on it we had great laughing days.