Mrs. Fox grew up in Cardiff and became a schoolteacher. Her Husband Mr. Fox was a policeman and amateur photographer.

I said the bombing in Canton wasn't too horrendous, there was some in Thompson Park, near where I lived, we also heard the bomb that dropped on Llandaff Cathedral. But other than that really we were quite quiet. Towards the end though there was a spate of incendiary bombs. At that time at night we would put on our night clothes and instead of going to bed we would go out into the air raid shelter to sleep. My father fitted it out with an electric fire and bunk beds. We used to use our bedrooms to play in and then sleep in the shelter. It was quite cosy if you didn't dwell on it. At that point my father used to go out looking for the incendiary bombs, patrolling. I remember one night there was a lot of excitement out in the street and an incendiary bomb had dropped on the roof of the house opposite us where there was an old lady in bed. My dad went and bought her down, he saved her. After that we thought he was a real hero.