Beryl Davis grew up in Ely and has lived in Cardiff all her life. She trained at City Hall in the accounts department.

When I first met Les he would ask if could walk me home and I would say no. We would be in town and I lived in the top end of Ely, we used have to catch a Tram to Victoria Park and then a Bus up to Ely first he would see me on the bus then the next night he took me all the way home. If the cemetery gates up there could tell a story do you know what I am saying! Sometimes he would have to walk back from Ely to Grangetown if he missed the Sloper Road bus back from Ely! He would walk all the way home just to have 5 minuets extra snog before I went home. Then I would get in and Mum would start. Now I was courting it was vital I got that last bus or I would be in trouble. Anyway she would be able to hear it going up the street and she would think there's the last bus and she would be waiting then for me to come in and when I did she would shout down 'Is that you Beryl?' One of my sisters used to be spiteful and try to get me into trouble. She would go home early and say I left Beryl with all the boys. I had a lovely time then.