Dorothy Mudge, Nee Rowls was born down the docks. When she was 10 she moved with her family out to Ely.

I was born in Louisa Street but of course it has all been pulled down and made into flats now. We used to go to church up at St Mary's and I went to Clarence Road School. Of course all that has been pulled down now. My Grandparents lived in Harraby Street, that was facing the canal. The canal is a park now. Then we went on to live in Hunter Street and Pomeroy Street before we moved to Ely. We moved to Ely when the houses were pulled down. In Ely it was great. I loved living in Ely- of course it wasn't so rough as what it is now. It was like living in the country, there was a big estate at the back of our house. They have built on all that now. We moved to Ely when I was 10.