Meraga's Dad was in the Icon Jazz band. She remembers growing up in Cardiff's jazz community.

When I was young I can remember the dead cat carnival in Grangetown. My Dad was a jazz musician and they formed the, it was the Icon Jazz band and became the Adamant Jazz band and they used to do loads of trad Jazz carnivals around Cardiff. I have got this memory from when I was about 4/ 5 of going through the docks and into this road in Grangetown. I can't remember the name of the road but it had like grass running up the centre. I remember on this street there was a dead cat and the band stopped around this cat and played 'A closer walk with thee' which is a very trad Jazz song that they play at a funeral and then it goes into something like 'Over In The Glory Land'. So the cat got a sending off and the band marched on to find another dead cat, so they did exactly the same and then there was another one so I just remember that being the carnival of the 3 dead cats.