Chris Evans was born in Cardiff, he tells a few of the stories he grew up with and also talks about going out in Cardiff in the 80's/ 90s.

Many years ago I was told a story by my father about how he and his pals used to spend Saturday morning in the library working things out. They would work out how rockets worked and how cars worked and how to connect their houses together with two- way radios. Now one morning they decided they would work out how explosives worked and try to make themselves a bomb, which I suppose is the kind of thing that young kids like to do. They set about finding out what they needed to make a bomb. So they would go to the library on Saturday morning find out what they needed and then go out into town in the afternoon to buy the chemicals. They got all the stuff from different shops so no one would realise what they were up to. Then, when they had everything they mixed them all up and created this bomb for themselves. It turned out when then had mixed all these things together they couldn't get it to go off, the bomb wouldn't explode. So they thought that is a shame, something's gone wrong and we haven't mixed the chemicals properly so they would wait until the next Saturday to go to the library and see what they had missed out. The explosive that they had made, as it turns out was fine. They packed it up in paint pots and left it in a fella's shed. What they didn't realise is that this explosive material takes a week or two to mature; anyway they forgot all about it and moved onto the next thing. Several months later one of the kids found this paint pot in his shed, gave it a little shake and then opened it and it exploded in his face. The little fella was blinded for two weeks. So his mother was obviously angry and went round to see my Dad's parents. My Dad and his friends had a little meeting and decided they needed to get rid of the explosives. What they did, which was questionable, they took it down to a tree in Roath Park that had a hole in it and put the explosives in the hole they packed the explosives in and at some point later on the tree exploded. The council had to come and cut the remaining stump down. To this day there is still a space where that tree should have been.