Jesse Spillane is a member of the Cardiff Friendship Force Club. The group was set up to organise international exchanges between families. Jesse has been involved with the organisation since it began in 1980.

I also remember during the war there was a munitions factory on the other side of the river and on a moonlit night they would light these lamps that made a smoke effect and it was fowl smelling. It was to try and cover up the target. It was dreadful if you suffered with your chest. I can also remember the clanging old Trams, you would be in a hurry to get somewhere and the pole would come of the tram so the conductor would have to get off the tram, catch hold of this thing and click it back into the wire. I can also remember one incident when there was a very big power cut after one of the air raids and there was one Tram car stuck in the middle of the road for a few days. Also there were not many men about and there was only one doctor, because all the doctors had been called up the curate who was somebody by the name of Gordon Davis he was from St Paul's church. The next time I saw him was in town and he was in Army Uniform. Another thing I can remember from those days was the Taxi's they used to be run by a gas balloon on the top of the roof they used to smell fowl if you got behind them. And of course the old Barrage Balloons. They were big silver balloons in the sky. They used to be where there was an air force base or something and there would be this long rope and it was really to detect air raids. Occasionally if there was a thunder storm one would catch fire. I can remember one catching fire up in the sky.