Beryl Davis grew up in Ely and has lived in Cardiff all her life. She trained at City Hall in the accounts department.

In the old days we always used to meet in Kingsway café, we never used to go drinking- even 20 year olds. A gang of us would meet up there and then we would all go off Les and I would meet up there. I met him when I was with the rangers and he was with the cadets training the boys. We used to go and see a film. He told me that before we met he would go into town on a Saturday early meet his friends and go to see a film in one cinema, then they would go for a cup of tea. Then they would go back and see another film at another cinema. In them days there were all different cinemas going down Queen Street and they would all show different films. Then they would come out for another cup of tea and go to a third cinema. I was never one for cinema really, I would rather be out. Bossing people about!!!