Meraga's Dad was in the Icon Jazz band. She remembers growing up in Cardiff's jazz community

I also remember lots of stuff like Welsh CND, The Anti Nazi league, Socialist worker party and the revolution party. I belonged to CND and the Anti Nazi league- the others were just people arguing about manifesto's. At the time it really felt like nuclear war was a threat it was really scary. Also a lot of the punk gigs were in aid of the anti nazi league.
I also remember when Bobby Sands died, he war the IRA member who went on hunger strike. There was this big remembrance service at city hall with a fake coffin going into the building, so me and my friend Ruth bunked off school to go and see it and of course there was loads of press and TV and we got caught. The next day at school we got in trouble cos they had seen us on the 6 o clock news. I guess at that time because of the music and the politics everything felt very raw. It felt like you had to shout. The city was being torn down, there was these huge empty spaces. It felt like post blitz. My friends got photo's of when the moon Club got torn down. The whole area was like a bombsite.