Gerald Celestine Stevens was born and grew up in Cardiff central. He later came back to do a social sciences degree.

There was a social conscience that we don't have today and we had access to different things. Transport for example, to go to Victoria Park or Roath park was a day out, that meant sandwiches, a bottle of water. In Roath park they even had these little gas stoves that you could put a penny in and cook your lunch. There used to be a barn shelter, where the pedallo's are now, people would take their kettles and spend a day in Roath Park. To go to Barry Island was quite an epic journey. Anything beyond the museum was far away, there were no actual parks near the town centre then, and the castle grounds were always too posh. I lived in Bute town then we moved in Cardiff and my mother would always say you're not from Bute town you are from Cardiff Central. We lived in this territory, housing wasn't broken down into Splott, Grangetown etc communities existed in Streets, it would be Edward Street. Where the library is now there was a canal that used to come up by Habitat, people lived down Fredrick Street and David Street. If you went down Bute Terrace the houses were a lot older and people, 3 or 4 families were still sharing toilets. These courts were still in existence and some are buried, most famously Jones Court off Womanby Street