Dora Ellis was born in 1929 on Catherine Street in Cathays. She has lived and worked in Cardiff all her life.

I used to work at the Savoy Restaurant on Churchill Way. I was there for 40 years, part of the bricks! I was a waitress there. I started on the Continental in the Capitol, but you had to start as a comis and then learn you trade. You had to learn what went with what and why and how.
When I walked into the Continental he would said how old are you? I said 18. I can see him laughing now because he knew I was lying. Then he asked if I had any experience. I told him I was fully trained, I think he gave me the job because I had some front. So he took me on. I didn't know what to do and the chef's were all laughing at me. I stayed at the continental to learn my trade and then went to the Savoy.
The owner of the Savoy was dreadful, people wouldn't stay there long but I stayed 40 years. It was only because I wouldn't put up with her cheek. I used to call her Betty Davis, which she would put up with from me but not the others. I drew up with her son and he was lovely. I watched his children growing up. When she died I sat at the back and he said come on you are family.