Chris Evans was born In Cardiff, he tells a few of the stories he grew up with and also talks about going out in Cardiff in the 80's/ 90s.

'The Square Club' was the best disco in the whole world ever. It used to be on Westgate Street, it's the back of another club now, very close to the Prince of Wales Pub end. The logo outside used to just be a painted square with the square club written in it. You used to have to ring a bell and a man would answer the door and you would have to say you wanted to go to the disco.
It was pretty big because once you got downstairs it opened out, a bit like Metro's I suppose. It was a great long room with the dance floor half way down and a bar on the left. Also there was a bit where bands would play. There was also another club above it which was much smaller. It played more punk upstairs and disco downstairs, so you could alternate depending on your mood.
I played there once in a terrible band I was in at school. It was a bit like the Marquee Club in London It had a backdrop with the Square club written on it, so we took loads of photos of us messing about in front of the sign. We thought we had made it then because it was only club we ever used to go to. I can't really remember who else played there- not really any big bands, some local ones Holly Weird who were Rock n Roll and also an Iron Maiden cover band- I reckon you should only really be able to do covers of dead people.
I also remember there was a long narrow staircase that I fell down once or twice. The bar downstairs was always very crowded so I would go upstairs to get a drink. You only had to do that a couple of times before you were drunk. I fell down the slippery steps once and ended up in a puddle of wee because the toilets weren't that good- so I was lying in the wee and there was a bouncer who was covered in my beer I had just spilt. He said if you do that again your out. I think that was the mark of the place because normally you'd get banned for that.