Beryl Davis grew up in Ely and has lived in Cardiff all her life. She trained at City Hall in the accounts department.

I finished at the city hall when I had my first baby and was pregnant. In those days if you were pregnant that was it you were out of work. You couldn't go on working. That was in 1952. After that then I worked in a crisp factory but then I got work with an agency. They were slow on paying and didn't pay well but I could work the hours I wanted you see. They used to get annoyed that I stayed home to look after the kids. I used to do go quantity surveying. That is beautiful you have to know all your percentages and know all your tables and then add them into the machine. I loved figure work. I tried working in factory, they would watch you on the line with these big machines. I hated it there. You weren't allowed to go to the toilet because it held the whole line up and once I was too long for them and they asked me to leave. I said thank God for that.