Dorothy Mudge, Nee Rowls was born down the docks. When she was 10 she moved with her family out to Ely.

I worked in town in the Royal arcade with my husband. We were both hairdressers. Do you know the shop they call the nut shop on the Hayes end- Wally's? Well that used to be a hairdressers, the ladies was down and the gents was up. After that my husband worked in the Royal Hotel.
We were married in 1939 and I started working in the shop before that. I went there as an improver having served my training time in Ely- Hobson's their name was. I those days your mother found you a job and one day she came back and said you are going to start Monday in Hobson's. I didn't like hairdressing much now my granddaughter has gone into it.