Ethel Amelia Cutlin was born in Splott and has lived in the area for most of her life.

My husband died in his 80's, he liked a pint you know, but he has gone now.
I met him down Clifton Street. I was out with my cousin and he was out with his mate and he said I will have that littlun- that was me. We got together- oh he was wonderful. We used to go over Sainsbury's shopping and then we went out to the garden centre and when we got home I went up for a shower and just as I was getting in the shower he shouted 'Ethel, Ethel quick'. He had slipped on the rug in the kitchen he had 60 stitches. He went to the infirmary and he was coming on lovely and then the next day I got a phone call from my son to come in to the hospital. When I got there they were all around his bed and he was dying.
I had two children, I had them at home. You never used to go into hospital in them days, you would have the mid wife come to your house.
Cardiff hasn't changed much really; there are more murders here now. But I love Roath park. Still go up there now.