Gwen Rees grew up in and spent her life in Roath. She lived on Glenroy Street for 52 Years.

My husband escaped the war because he was a Baker/ Confectioner and of course they needed him here. He used to work in a Bakery in Canton. They left him. He used to work on Severn Road. That part of it was quite nice, as we got older I would go out on these pensioner outings and he would stay at home. When I got back he would have made some lovely Welsh Cakes and bread. It was lovely. After the war I looked after the children. When my daughter was 17 I thought I would get her a job in the post office. Well she came home when she was about to finish up and I said about the Post office. She had these huge great eyes and said, 'Mum I am definitely not going in the Post office I want to be a nurse.' I said, 'well, Nursing is awful hard and it is about 3 a week'. My husband just said leave her alone. The school took her out to Llandoch one night on a careers thing and he said she will either be clean turned off or all over it. From that day she never looked back she did her SRN.