Chas has been in several ground breaking local bands, The Terrorist Ballet Dancers being the most well known.

Grassroots was the place to be, it was very different to what it is now, you know I work there now, it used to be a real grotty youth club with pool tables, real scraggy but they used to have bands there. It was one of the places they used to have Punk Bands. There was a couple of other places, there was Granny's which was the Prince of Wales by the station. That was one of the very first punk clubs they had an upstairs room above the cinema and the Prince of Wales was a porn cinema, it was a notorious. It was one of the few places in Cardiff that would show blue movies so it was quite a sleazy joint, anyway the upstairs room 'The Dammed' played there. I only went there a couple of times and then the roof fell in. Grassroots, The Top rank, which was on Queen Street, where all the trendy places are. That used to be another venue. They also used to have bands in the SU at the university. There was also the Lexington which used to be on Queen Street years ago. That was the only Gay bar in Cardiff. It was the first Gay bar and a lot of the punks would go there because it was the only place where you could dress up and the normal rules didn't apply. I guess that was another centre point to that underground scene. It was really weird because you would get all the Gay guys from the valleys and they would all come down because you couldn't be gay in the valleys. You would have all these amazing big, gay, camp Welshy's.....It was amazing. It was a place for all these people that would get picked on for various reasons