Gwen Leach was born in Cardiff Central.

There used to be a lot of shops in Canton. I had a brother in law living in Ely. My husbands brother, my husband was a driver. I had a lonely life. I was lonely all my life I think. I remember my mother saying watch the company that you go in and I always have. My mother suffered. She died with cancer. She slept with me I went on the outside and she went on the inside. One particular night she said to me would you mind of go on the outside I am feeling sick. As soon as we changed over her life's blood came up. I called my brother then, he cleaned it up. He is dead now all my brothers are dead now. They called an ambulance then and she lingered a fortnight then she died. She must have suffered that fortnight. I haven't had a happy life. I got married then and I was lonely.
I did live in Cathays on Dogfield Street. I had 4 children, 3 girls and a boy. The years have past so quick I will be 80 next year on the first July.