Jesse Spillane is a member of the Cardiff Friendship Force Club. The group was set up to organise international exchanges between families. Jesse has been involved with the organisation since it began in 1980.

Another thing people that had a front garden in most cases dug it up and planted cabbages, mum used to grow tomatoes and cucumbers and potatoes. She was just amazing she could make something out of nothing. I can well remember the sweet ration which was per month. You either ate them all at once or made them last throughout the month. There was even a thing where people used to use liquid paraffin to make sponge cakes in place of fat. I have tasted it and it is not that bad. Whether it had a laxative effect I don't know! When the authorities found out what people were doing they flavoured it with peppermint. So they couldn't make cakes anymore.
You could get dried eggs in a tin which wasn't very nice but you could use it for cakes.