Shirley Bourge grew up in Adamsdown using Guilford Crescent Pool. She is now Swimming Development Officer

On the right would have been Dan Murphy's shop. That was a little square shop. They were our cousins, but everybody seemed to be inter- married then.
It was only a dark dingy little shop but everything you wanted you could buy. We would go shopping there for the old people, we used to go and buy 3 pence worth of snuff for them- SP. They would weigh it on the little gold scales and put it in a sweet bag, but of course when we were crossing Adam Street we would have a little sniff to see what it was like. By the time we got to the house we would have a hiding then because they could tell we had brown on our noses and were sneezing. A lot of the old people took snuff in those days to clear their heads. Their pinnies would be all brown. But Dan Murphy's, is where all the old people went for their snuff.
Then that was where the trams used to go up so if you were lucky enough to have a bike, my father used to make up bikes and hire them out for a penny or something, so we used to have these bikes and they used to break half way down when you were riding them, then you would be in trouble again. You would be riding half way Adam Street and get your bike wheels caught in the tracks and then come off.