Alan Jones is a traditional Jazz musician and a founder member of the Adamant Jazz band, a New Orleans style Traditional Jazz band.

We started off doing the rag parade for the student union before the band was formerly called the Adamant band. We would March from Victoria Park to Roath Park. We went straight down the main Road end up at City hall and then do the other side of Cardiff. That was a long one, don't think we did it that many times! I seem to remember us playing on Cathedral Road.
So Again this name, the Adamant. In 1964 two American Stars came over they were Emanuel Paul and Kid Thomas. They were our hero's virtually and they came to Cardiff. The band then got the name formerly and we started off in Mavis June's and then we went out to Rover way to learn how to walk because you couldn't very well have a marching band down the middle of Queen Street all out of sync. The walk is a sort of shuffle. We had this one concert and all these American's stars played plus us and some other local bands. It was a tremendous evening. That was in the Estonian Club on Charles Street.