Dora Ellis was born in 1929 on Catherine Street in Cathays. She has lived and worked in Cardiff all her life.

We lived with my Grandmother on Catherine Street in Cathays. The house is still there but the roller skating rink has gone, my auntie used to run the roller skating rink and I used to get really cross because she would make me pay. My mother was then given a council house in Splott near the docks. We had the docks on one side, the Aerodrome on the other side and the railway as well. I used to go to school down there. If you lived so many streets from the school you had to run to the air raid shelter. I can remember running down the road and being machine gunned, it was one lone German plane and I could see the man in it actually shooting at me, a kid. As I ran past a shelter some man put his hand out and dragged me in. He saved my life.
We had air raid shelters in the garden. During the war my mother made my father give the sea up, anyway he would sit outside the shelter and he would say, you can go where you like, no matter where you run if that bullet has your name on it, it will get you.