Ethel Amelia Cutlin was born in Splott and has lived in the area for most of her life.

Old Splott has all gone now. They have pulled it all down. There is nothing of the old place left. It has all been taken down. My Father in Law used to work over the Steel works and my husband worked over the Rover Factory which used to be over Tremorfa, The factory has gone from there now. I used to work in the Rover myself. My son has a photo of me meeting all these foreign dignitaries, I had only worked there for a week and they were asking me what I did, so I had to make it all up. When I got home that night my husband was waiting n the door with the echo in his hand and there was a spread with my photo!
I never liked it there. My husband was there for years and my son. He used to set the machines. It was much easier to get a job them. I had plenty of jobs