Sydney and Maureen Hurlstone Live in Tremorfa. Sydney worked in the Steel Works

My grandmother used to live at 265 Portmanmoor Rd, the cottages they were called then. My Grandfather worked in the Dowlais works the houses down there were let out to men working in the Dowlais.
SH: The area was built to house the steel workers. Splott came first and all the men lived there, then they all had children and when they grew up they went to the works so Tremorfa was built for them. So Tremorfa was the overflow from Splott. The Steel works used to be where the (Splott) market is now and all the little factories. The steel works was flattened, within 12months it had been levelled and everybody was crying. They had lost their jobs and there were that many on the dole. Over 3000 men from this area were out of work. They said they would close it in 1980 and then they bought the date foreword by two years so a lot of blokes were left dangling. Fortunately I left before that, I went in 1978 and got a job in the new Tremorfa Steel works, I was one of the lucky ones.