Gerald Celestine Stevens was born and grew up in Cardiff central. He later came back to do a social sciences degree.

Prostitutes that stood out were the ones in the Custom House area while I was growing up. They were very much accepted because that was part of the Cardiff red light district. I can remember my mother being critical of a prostitute but as children they never bothered us and in some way they looked out for us. There was a nice relationship. I came back in the early 60's there was real characters. The girls used to use this Indian Restaurant on Bute terrace just along from the Golden Cross. When I went to university I did a study of Cardiff Prostitutes and I saw another side of prostitutes. The people that stand out are people like big Lisa, She was a west African girl. After she died people claimed she was a West African Princess. She was 20 stone and really big. One day somebody tooted her and she got insulted and mooned the traffic coming into Bute Street. I thought of her as sad character she wasn't very good at English and she was taking a lot of barbiturates which affected her speech.
There was also Sadie and she had one of these café's. Last time I saw Sadie she was down in Stuart Street which is now in Cardiff Bay. She got done a couple of times for running a brothel. She was another big character. She had blond hair which she put up in a beehive.