Shirley Bourge grew up in Adamsdown using Guilford Crescent Pool. She is now Swimming Development Officer.

I grew up in Adamsdown in Adam Street, that was just by Churchill Way. I was one of 12 children, so obviously we didn't have much money but nobody did around that area. What most of us used to do is go for a swim because if you went around it was 3 pence or 6pence to get in.
It was at Guilford Crescent. I lived under the arch in the lane, at the top of the lane you would turn left into Guilford Crescent baths. What I used to do was take a jug of tea, because you didn't have flasks, and they'd let me in for nothing. I would go under the turnstile and clean the baths. They also had the Mikvah for the Jewish people and a slipper bath so people could go and bath because nobody had bathrooms in their houses then. You'd have clean water because normally if you are from a big family the youngest would go last and have the dirty water at the end. So that is what got me swimming to start with!