Steve Murphy has lived in Cardiff all his life. He has written a book on the life of Jeramiah Box Stockdale. He has also done research into the old Courts (slums) of Cardiff and his own family history.

He was the first chief constable and Instrumental in catching the Cardiff Chartists, DR. John Price and Zephaniah Williams. Williams was arrested for setting fire to his own son in Llantrisant that was the first cremation trial. Stockdale also caught Dr. Jonathan Price however he escaped from Cardiff Docks disguised as a woman he was so small with hands so delicate, like a surgeons, Stockdale actually helped him on board the ship.
Zephaniah Williams was also one of The Chartists they used to hold meetings at the Red Lion on the Kingsway. That is where the T.S.B bank is now. Stockdale captured Williams. There are three stories about how he was captured, the first was that Stockdale swam out in full uniform complete with sword to William's get away ship in the docks and bought him in - I can't see that being true. The next was that he rowed out with another constable, jumped on the ship and arrested him with loads of money and percussion caps for pistols. Rumour has it that they were so turned on by arresting him they (Stockdale et al.) forgot about the money Leaving the captain to sail off with everything!