Meraga's Dad was in the Icon Jazz band. She remembers growing up in Cardiff's jazz community

Around that time the Taff flooded and I have memories of Cathedral Road and Cowbridge Road totally fucking submerged in water and seeing the police rowing down Cowbridge Road. The force of the water had broken the shop windows and Me and my mate thought we would go and see what we could get. I mean there were televisions floating down the road. So we wanted to go and get Dr. Martens from the shoe shop! So we got inside the shoe shop and this big light shone in and it was these coppers in a rowing boat saying What are you doing? It was literally waist height in water and you had to wade to get anywhere. That was around 79/ 80. It was mad because the water was seeping up through the floor. My mum lived on Romily Crescent and our cellar was over knee deep in water. Wyndham Crescent was totally submerged and as you walked along you just got deeper and deeper and by the time you got to Cowbridge Road it was coppers in Rowing boats! I think that was what made them start working on the Taff banks.