Jesse Spillane is a member of the Cardiff Friendship Force Club. The group was set up to organise international exchanges between families. Jesse has been involved with the organisation since it began in 1980.

I was born in Plasturton Gardens in Pontcanna and my father being in the Royal Navy was off all over the place. I was supposed be born in the Romily nursing Home. Instead of that I arrived ahead of schedule and I have been early for the rest of my life. We travelled about a bit before we came back to Grangetown, to Corporation Road. There was a building which had been a bakery, Hollermans bakery, and we lived above the shop on the opposite corner, number 62. I can remember that was a very light spacious flat and the downstairs was occupied by Mr. And Mrs. Patton and their daughter Nancy. I am talking about the January Blitz now, when there was an air raid we used to huddle in our cellar but the cellar in that bakers shop had been reinforced to withstand greater impact so a lot of people used to go there for safety. Well this night there was a lot of gunfire and Mrs. Patton said to us I think we should go across the road to Hollermans. My mum said, I don't know the flairs are dropping and I think I might stay here.
When there used to be an air raid they used to drop flares first to light up the target, it was terrifying. So anyway we stayed there and this is fate because minutes later there was an almighty explosion and the place opposite had a direct hit there were no survivors. There is a plaque on that shop to commemorate those lives.