Dorothy Mudge, Nee Rowls was born down the docks. When she was 10 she moved with her family out to Ely.

There was lots of people from all over the world living in the docks- they mainly lived on Bute Street when I was there and a couple came to my school. The police station has gone and everything, my husband and I went back there the other week and I didn't recognise it. There has been a pub built where my grandmother used to live and my Dad's old house on Eleanor Street has gone. He used to go to Eleanor Street School. His mother bought them all up and he was one of 13 children, his father died when my husband was just 13 years. My father couldn't sing and one day he was in school and the teacher sent him out because he was making a racket. He ran over the road to his house and the teacher followed him, his Mum was in the garden hanging out sheets and she hit him {teacher} with the wet sheets.