Ethel Amelia Cutlin was born in Splott and has lived in the area for most of her life.

I was on the town quite a lot. We used to come into Queen Street looking for clothes. I preferred shopping in Clifton Street. There was a shop that was run by two sisters. One had one shop and the other sister had another shop. The husband of the one was in the war and when he got back he shot himself and he also shot his wife. They left two children. They were there. I liked him, he was an old army man, a wonderful man. His nerves must have got the better of him. It was such a shame. I always used to go there for dresses, they had really nice dresses in there. Clifton Street was where we went mostly, it was in our range if you see what I mean. There was the Maypole on Clifton Street and they had the Star supply stores and all the different shops. It was nearly as bright as town.