Phil Babot came to Cardiff to study. He first lived in Roath and then moved to Windsor Esplanade In the Docks

...there used to be the Seaman's mission where you could just walk in, as late as the 1960's and get passage on a ship as a deck hand or whatever. That is also where people got paid when they got back. Next door to there was the North Star club which was very rough and ready and had tattooed Lesbian bouncers on the door, in those days it was next door to the Maritime museum. There was also the docks non- political club which was a drinking den of no political motivation.
The Casablanca Club had a history of a guy singing there called Laverne Brown who was a fantastic R'n' B singer. He was a good friend of Van Morrison and from time to time Van would turn up to hear Laverne singing and he would get up and Jam on stage.
At that time there was three big taxi ranks, actually offices and you would have to queue for ages to get home.