Beryl Davis grew up in Ely and has lived in Cardiff all her life. She trained at City Hall in the accounts department.

We used to go to the Drope at Fairwater and there was the river there. All us kids would go down there with Jam sandwiches and a bottle of water and spend the day down there. We would also go to the train junction at St: Fagins and the signalman would let us go up in the box one at a time. He would let us pull the lever and all. Then we would go in the river by the side swimming. He could see us. Nobody would get hurt and we would just mess about. Well one day I felt something at my foot, I had cut the bottom of my foot. So the kids, to get me home, they formed chains to keep my foot off the floor. The bloke in the box said you are doing the right thing. My foot was just oozing blood. It was cut right across and that was the first day of the August holidays, so I was sat with my foot up all summer watching the other kids play. Kids aren't like that today. I know I am old fashioned but it is true.