Mrs. Fox grew up in Cardiff and became a schoolteacher. Her Husband Mr. Fox was a policeman and amateur photographer.

I can remember my husband saying to me once that he was on duty on Rumney Common and he heard all the people in their offices having all their Christmas parties and having a great time and he was outside in the pouring rain, cold and with holes in his shoes (because they didn't get paid much) thinking what the heck am I doing this job for! At that time we were living in a police house and we had young children so you were tied really. Before I started teaching we were scrapping along. It was totally different in those days, he used to make most of the children's toys and I sowed. Once I can remember making my children space suits. My husband made one a fort and a garage and I would sow clothes. It is different now of course children expect so much more. I think it is because of television pushing it.
When I first started teaching children weren't the know- all's that they are these days, they had more respect for the teachers. If you were older, children looked up to you. They don't look up to people these days. I think I noticed a change in the attitude of children.