Many thanks to all the participants:
(listed in no specific order)
Alan Jones Phil Babot Grange Town History Society
Dora Ellis Beryl Jesse Sydney and Maureen Hurlstone
Jesse Spillane Judi Richards James Cowley
Beryl Davis Ray Shaw Patti Flynn
Ethel Amelia Cutlin Deanne Pickstone John O' Conner
Gwen Leach Freddy Manny Mr and Mrs. Morgan
Gwen Rees Phil Husband Ben Fincham
Dorothy Lewis nee Higgins Meraga Palser Douglas Bordic
Dorothy Mudge nee Rowls Winifred Thomas George Nicholas
Mal Clint Ian Kay Susie Burston
Chris Evans Steve Murphy Andrew Misell
Mrs Fox John Porter Toby Philpot
John Goode Jiffy  Jan Carlyon
Shirley Borge Narmarla Halstead John Bowden
Dave Timothy Mr. Kendrick Terry Dimmick
Chris The Hairdresser and Athena John Sennet Eileen Breslin
Terry O'Neil Chas Pam Watkins
Anthony Shapland Graham Brewer Fran Brimble
Celfyn Lewis M Jones Lleucu Cravos
Big thanks to Gerald Celestine Stevens

Thank you for all your help/ hard work to:

Chris Cool Pants for writing the programme and computer advice -

Vic and Al for the enormous task of sound editing.

Essay writers; Anthony Shapland, Gordon Dalton, Ben Fincham and Stefhan Caddick.

Gail Howard, Chris Brown and Paul Granjon for proof reading.

Debbie Savage, Lisa Rickets and Hannah Firth for support.

Big Thanks to Rob Boddy and all the library staff, esp Russ, Paul, Bryn and the computer help people.

Moira Sharkey from the South Wales Echo

Anecdotal Cardiff the residency was funded in collaboration with Cwyaith Cymru Artworks Wales and supported by Cardiff Central Library. Subsequent projects are funded by Cardiff 2008 and Arts council Wales.

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