Mrs. Fox grew up in Cardiff and became a schoolteacher. Her Husband Mr. Fox was a policeman and amateur photographer.

...another thing I remember vividly is the gun- emplacements they put in various parts of the city in case of an invasion. There was one on the triangle outside the Angel Hotel. They made a sort of concrete block and painted it to make it look like it was some kind of shop of kiosk. That one was meant to be a wine shop. I was fascinated by them because as you walked towards them they looked exactly like a wine shop but then as you drew nearer you could see it was just a painting. With little apertures so that they could put guns in there. That of course was guarding Canton Bridge. Actually on the bridge there were concrete blocks reducing the width of the road. Trams went down the middle and there was space for bikes but not much room for cars. Of course then there weren't many cars. The other one I remember was up on Ely Bridge. That one was painted like a newsagent's. I used to look at them because I had always been interested in Art and drawing. I suppose I looked at them because they were on my way to school.