Anecdotal Cardiff is designed to take you on a journey through a city of stories. You can either navigate the programme using the index page or let the programme take you on a journey through the space by clicking the start button on the home page. 

1. Click Start: If you click the start button the programme will randomly select a story for you to start on. On the first page you will see a piece of text, an image and a sound icon. Click the sound icon to hear the story being narrated. As you pass the mouse over the text you will notice certain words are highlighted. Click on a word that interests you and you will start your journey into Cardiff's stories. 

As you are reading the texts on show you will notice that you can either peruse a specific line of enquiry by clicking the 'next' button at the bottom of the page or pragmatically follow your nose through the programme choosing to follow a trail of random words.

Each journey you make will be different and unique.

2. Index page: Should you wish to pursue a more controlled examination of a specific topic, for example Snow, go to the index page where you can click on the word 'snow'. This will show every piece of text in the archive that talks about snow.

Information on other sections can be seen on those pages.

For more information about the project email

How to play sound

Each story is accompanied by a sound file. To play them, you must have Real Player installed. It's a free download available at


Opinions expressed in the archive are not necessarily the view of the artist or funding bodies. Some language may cause offence however to exclude this language would be censorship and would compromise the integrity of the project.

Much of the language used is specific to a time/ place and culture and can therefore be viewed as historically representative.


The copyright of the story remains with the individual any text or sound is copyright of Jennie Savage. The copyright of the images lies either with Jennie Savage, Cardiff Central Library or Mr. Fox (c/o Mrs. Fox).

'Anecdotal City' is the intellectual property of Jennie Savage. This project can be set up in other places all inquiries to Jennie Savage at the above email.