Mal Clint is a musician and familiar figure on the local music scene. He was a good friend to Shakin' Stevens during his rise to fame.

We mainly played in Vic pub when we were called 'The Rebels' but we also used to go up and play in Ely- I think it was at the Church of the Resurrection, in a back room. When Steve got the van we started going up the Valleys. We eventually persuaded Shakey to stop playing the guitar and just go on the mike, so he could move about more. Obviously he was a bit restricted on the guitar so without it he could do all the jumping around. Then they all bought the drape jackets, the Rock and Roll suits and I think Shakey used to have a blue one with all the band in red ones. A friend of mine, Paul Barret became their manager, in fact it was me and my friend Russell asked Paul to come and see the band, they were playing at a club in Grangetown, the PWD club.