Alan Jones is a traditional Jazz musician and a founder member of the Adamant Jazz band, a New Orleans style Traditional Jazz band.

I can remember one night in particular that springs to mind. There was a guy called Dan Porcine and he came down to Cardiff as a trumpeter guesting with the Icon Band and a fight broke out in the bar with the Barman and his wife. His wife was one side of the bar and he was the other and she grabbed hold of his hair and pulled a tuft of it out. Well there was going to be uproar. Dan has always been quick on the occasion and he turned around and we played a number called 'Lady Be Good' which calmed the situation down! It was so funny afterward but at the time it was quite hairy! We had many a night like that.
That was in the Quebec. The landlord there was called Doughy Somerhayes. He used to run the bar half cut and some nights he would ring the bell an hour early because he was too drunk.